ASP.NET - how to type marathi text in textboxes?

Asked By sheetal on 23-Aug-10 08:52 AM
Hello all,
my application and user interface is in marathi so i need when user enters data in textbox it should type in marathi.
Sagar P replied to sheetal on 23-Aug-10 09:09 AM
You just have to assign the Marathi font for the textbox e.g.:devnagri font, which will do it.
But you cannot expect all the users to have the same font. So, the best solution is to use Unicode fonts.
Check the below link. Using this tool you can get the Hindi text in Unicode.
If you are using the above unicode, then you can show the Marathi text in browsers......

Anoop S replied to sheetal on 23-Aug-10 11:36 AM
The user needs to set their machine to use this font. That's all. You can't force the font for one textbox. The user needs their machine set up to use that font. otherwise, you'd have to provide some other means, such as an on screen keyboard, or code that sets the locale when the textbox focuses
or you can do one thing
You will need to set the Font property of the textbox to the font that you are interested in, say "Shusha", for example. The user would need to enter the correct sequence of keystrokes for the textbox to display it right. When using "Shusha" font, the word "Bhaasha" would need the following sequence of characters - "BaaYaa".

Ypu can refer this also
sheetal replied to sheetal on 24-Aug-10 06:20 AM
hi all,

how to create exe of web application? can it run on any machine where .net is not installed ?