WCF/WF - MSMQ Invalid queue path name - Asked By Bob Pokorny on 01-Sep-10 02:18 PM

I have read just about every thread when it comes to this MSMQ error message: "Invalid queue path name".

Additionally, I have tried various combinations of the path to no avail.  Perhaps I have an outstanding issue that I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I developed two simple applications: Client (to listen to queues) & Server (to create queues and send messages).  When I run the applications side by side on a local machine, it works just fine.  When I move my Server piece to my Windows 2008 Server, my Client gets the above error message.

My laptop is on the same domain [DEVELOPMENT] and when my client gets the list of queues by machine name (DEV-WINSVR2008), it lists them just fine.  So I'm assuming my laptop can see my server.

When I set the path to:

DEVELOPMENT\Private$\svrQ   - doesn't work

DIRECT=OS:DEVELOPMENT\Private$\svrQ   - doesn't work

DEV-WINSVR2008\Private$\svrQ   - doesn't work

DIRECT=OS:DEV-WINSVR2008\Private$\svrQ   - doesn't work

Only the local (.\) is working.  One think I noticed in VB2010, when I connect to my server and try to drag the servers message queue to the form, I get another error telling me that it cannot find the specified machine.

Could someone help me through either checking my configuration settings on my server/network, etc... or help me with my code?

I appreciate your help.

Peter Bromberg replied to Bob Pokorny on 01-Sep-10 08:37 PM
Have a look at Public vs Private queues here: