SharePoint - SharePoint Approval Workflow - Asked By Travis on 05-Oct-10 02:29 PM

I am trying to set up a SharePoint Workflow Conditional on who posts a calendar event.  If my supervisor posts an event I want to have an Approval Workflow go to her Supervisor for approval.  All other employees that enter an event on the calendar should trigger an approval workflow that goes to our immediate suppervisor. 

I know I am unable to do a Conditional Workflow out of the box so I am working with SharePoint Designer but when the approval task gets triggered it doesnt give the approve/reject screen that the supervisors would see if using the out of box version of SharePoint. 

Thanks for your help.  i have been working on this for some time.

Chester Thomas replied to Travis on 06-Oct-10 09:15 AM
I had a similar situation and what I did is create a separate list with all the users and their managers. So you can compare from the list against the user that is logged in and based on that use Collect Data  from user - this is quite easy in SharePoint designer.

This can be cumbersome thoug coz now you have to manage the list but if its for a few users then it might work....good luck:)
Travis replied to Chester Thomas on 06-Oct-10 09:21 AM
Yeah, thats not going to be an option in our scenario.  But thank you very much for your input.  Please let me know if you have any other ideas.