Networking - Cannot configure WZC with Linksys network adapter

Asked By franco hu on 06-Oct-10 01:04 PM
I am on a XP Home platform. I connect to the Internet via a wireless network through a D-Link router and a Linksys WUSB54Gv4  adapter on my computer.
For some time now, the computer no longer connects automatically to the network when I restart it. To do this, I have to re-enter the WEP key on the Linksys monitor screen each time. Kind of annoying !

1. How do I fix the problem?

2. I tried to switch to the WZC.
The WZC service shows as started and the Device Manager shows that the WZC driver is installed ( Realtek RTL 8139 /810x.Fast Ethernet.) and working properly . However, even after disabling the Linksys driver and enabling the WZC driver, I still cannot get to the WZC properties/configuratiion screen. 
I am told that the adapter must be WZC compatible and perhaps this is the problem. How do I verify that my Linksys adapter is WZC compatible? I am unable to get this info from Linksys-Cisco.  Which adapters are WZC compatible?

Thank you

Eddy Wissels replied to franco hu on 06-Oct-10 06:54 PM
Because of wired equivalent protocol (WEP), Windows XP’s wireless zero configuration utility (WZC) will not be able to automatically connect the wireless network. Therefore, you will need to set some additional options in Windows XP.

This is well documented in following article:

I hope this will help you.

franco hu replied to Eddy Wissels on 07-Oct-10 01:27 PM

Thank you for your reply. I followed the instructions provided in the link , in order to configure the WZC, but I am still unable to get an automatic connection  to the network at reboot.   Here is what I do:

1. I right-click on the Linksys icon (bottom tray on desktop) and choose: "Use Windows XP wireless configuration"

2. Click on Start on Desktop,  right click on My Network places/Properties  to get the Network connections screen.

3.Here there  are two  connection icons:
one,  with a red cross,   reading  " Local Area Connection , Network cable unplugged, Realtek  RTL 8139/810x Fast Ethernet. " . I don't know what this is, but it has always been there and it  never bothered me.
There is also  a 2nd icon   always showing  the  Linksys name, but with an interrogation mark  and a caption " Validating Identity".  I thought  this is because the WEP key is still missing.   So, I continue:

4. Right click on Properties.

5. On the Wireless Networks Connections Properties screen, I click on the Wireless Networks Tab. My Network name is there.

6. I click in Properties to enter the WEP key  . I   do get the connection either  by manually re-entering the same Wep key I have on the Linksys configuration or by letting  Windows select the WEP automatically. HOWEVER , I am back to square one because  when I reboot the computer, it  can't re-connect automatically and I have to redo it alloveragain.

The instructions you provided mention that both the router and the adapter should be Linksys, but my router is D-Link and I wouldn't want to replace just for this. Is this perhaps part of the problem?

I'd appreciate any further cues you may have

Thank you