Windows Update - Windows CE 6.0 - Asked By Jack on 11-Oct-10 03:16 AM

Hi all,

I am using wince 6.0 for my mobile device.

I left it run for a long period (more than 12 hours) I am getting the below error and its hanging.

!FATAL ERROR!: Secure stack overflow - IP = 800a0a14

!FATAL ERROR!: Killing thread - pCurThread = 82567924

Exception 'Data Abort'(4) Thread-Id=035c0006(pth=82567924) PC=800a0a14 BVA=fffff

fdc, dwInfo = 00000007

 R0=c00000fd  R1=800a0a14  R2=00000000  R3=00000000

 R4=00000000  R5=d0b4fda0  R6=00000004  R7=0000000d

 R8=00000000  R9=00000001 R10=d0b4fd84 R11=824213c0

R12=d0b4fcec  SP=00000000  Lr=d0b4fe00 Psr=a000001f

Can anybody tell me how to solve this or how to find where the problem is?

Thanks in advance.



Shafiuddin Nagnoori replied to Jack on 05-Nov-10 08:23 PM
are you trying to install win 6 on your mobile ? or already you have it ? if you already have it, what is that you kept more than 12 hours to run ?
pls make your question clear.