WCF/WF - VB from the web. - Asked By Gary Jenkinson on 12-Oct-10 07:56 AM

Hi All,

I have an SQL Server 2005 database which is maintained by an interface written in VB6. I have a requirement for someone to be able to query this data via the internet. What is the best, and easiest, way to do this? 

Thank you 
Vasanthakumar D replied to Gary Jenkinson on 12-Oct-10 08:02 AM

you can create a Asp.net website to access this. You can design a page textbox, button, label and gridview

1. Textbox - to write the query
2. button - execute the quey by click of the button
3. label - to show the status of the query
4. Gridview - show the result of the query...


You can expose the SQL Server instance over the internet - Robbe Morris replied to Gary Jenkinson on 12-Oct-10 09:08 AM

and just modify your connection string.  This is "highly" discouraged because of security issues and also makes it easy for someone to issue a denial of service attack by flooding your sql instance with millions of invalid logon requests.

However, to do it, you just right click the SQL instance in Management Studio (node in the tree with the green start/red stop icon) and go to connections and enable remote connections.  Then, as long as you've set up SQL authentication and you've made sure the server is visible through the firewall, you are all set.  I believe SQL's default port is still 1433.