Windows Live - reset password, unblock account, login

Asked By savita on 16-Oct-10 12:15 AM
Can someone help me to unblock my hotmail account? I forgot my password and tried to login with wrong password many times. So my account has been blocked. How do I unbloch my hotmail account. Please help me.
Thanks in advance.

Santhosh N replied to savita on 16-Oct-10 01:52 AM
You can follow this page for resetting your password for the locked account or forgot passwords..
Felix Owusu replied to savita on 20-Feb-12 02:13 AM
I cannot access my hotmails it has been blocked. Please help
Phoebe Matiu replied to savita on 23-Apr-12 03:11 PM
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Phoebe Matiu replied to Santhosh N on 23-Apr-12 03:16 PM
I cannot sign into my Hotmail address as there seems to be a problem with my password, I need to reset it again Can anyone help please
Elizabeth Matthews replied to savita on 21-Jan-13 07:20 AM
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rosetta loper-grant replied to savita on 06-May-13 09:52 PM
Hi, can someone please help me retrieve/unlock my original Hotmail acct (everything important, including my job accts are under this acct which I've used for some years) all my clients know only this E-Mail account.  I forgot my password on one occasion and tried to login numerous times with the wrong passwords, once I found it and tried to log on many times with the correct password it won't take.  I have been unable to even get my needed account up for over three months.  Nothing I am advised to do works and I did let each person know I was jus starting to learn a computer and was very bad at it.  This is so very annoying that my blood-pressure won't go down!  May I please get some help keeping my user name I have while being able to access the account!  Thank  you so very much for your time and patience  with the  problem.  Rosetta Loper-Grant                                                             
rosetta loper-grant replied to savita on 06-May-13 09:53 PM
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rosetta loper-grant replied to rosetta loper-grant on 06-May-13 10:02 PM
So sorry  but Rosetta Loper-Grant was not trying to reply to anything I was actually trying to get some help getting my original e-mail bac up so I can access it.  I told you I am very bad as far as using and learning this comp.