Microsoft Access - Access 2007; I want the SwitchBoard to open my report in REPORT view.

Asked By Aaron on 18-Oct-10 03:06 PM

My SwitchBoard keeps opening my report in print preview mode, even though I set the default to Report View.

I've been Googling for half an hour now, and I keep seeing people who can't get theirs to open in Print Preview. Mine does that automatically! I want the report to open in report view, because it will only be viewed on the computer.

I've also tried modifying the defualt code below:

    ' Open a report.
    Case conCmdOpenReport
      DoCmd.OpenReport rs![Argument], acPreview


    ' Open a report.
    Case conCmdOpenReport
      DoCmd.OpenReport rs![Argument], acViewNormal

I've also tried: acNormal and acWindowNormal.

Help! (Thanks!)

Edit: Forgot to mention that when I used the acViewNormal, it still opens the page in print preview, but it also automatically prints it as well. Weird.

Matthew Johnson replied to Aaron on 18-Oct-10 03:33 PM
acViewReport instead of acViewNormal or acPreview

Also, in the properties of the report, check to make sure the default view is set to Report View.

Pros/Cons: In print preview, it formats only the current page; whereas Report View will format all records.
Also, if you have subreports, the may not appear as anticipated.

If you are using a report, however, Print Preview makes more sense, regardless of whether or not it will be printed, because it lays it out in the cleanest fashion. There really is nothing lost between the two options, except there is some gain in report view with Filtering available.

If you are just looking for a way for the user to view records without printing, you could even use a form with all Allows set to False.
Aaron replied to Matthew Johnson on 19-Oct-10 12:41 PM
Awesome, thanks!