C# .NET - Add my applicatio to start menu - Asked By mostafa hamdy on 27-Oct-10 08:03 AM

Hello all
I have some desktop application ,and I want to add it to start menu to be run like any application wen I click its icon from start menu, please if any body get waht I mean and can help me , please send me or tell me about some url may help me doing that
R132 G132 replied to mostafa hamdy on 27-Oct-10 08:07 AM
In your Application folder, right-click on the exe and selecte 'Create

This will create a thing named something like 'Shortcut to My.exe'

Drag this to the start menu folder. Then rename it.
Nowshad M replied to mostafa hamdy on 27-Oct-10 08:08 AM

Please refer to the following link

Reena Jain replied to mostafa hamdy on 27-Oct-10 08:16 AM

You can install a shortcut to your app in it's program files folder, and then just copy that .lnk file as needed.

hope this will help you
undhad ashwin replied to mostafa hamdy on 27-Oct-10 10:43 AM

When u create your application set up that time u can set property


click start menu --------> go your program icon ---------> right click ----------> Click Pin To Menu

if any query then replay
Vasanthakumar D replied to mostafa hamdy on 27-Oct-10 01:08 PM

you need to create a start menu option while creating setup project for your application

1. create a shortcut to your primary output as below,

2. move above shortcut to programmer's menu as below,