Publisher - Images Blur when converted to HTML

Asked By Susannah on 09-Nov-10 11:59 AM

I am using Publisher 2010 to create a newsletter that I want to convert to HTML and email to my clients. Everything seems to work very well, except that when I convert the file and then view it in a browser (have viewed in IE. Firefox and Chrome), all of the images are slightly blurred. I can view these images directly in the browser and they are sharp, so it seems to be something that Publisher is doing to the files. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

undhad ashwin replied to Susannah on 09-Nov-10 12:18 PM
Hi can u provide source code to email your client
Oliver F replied to Susannah on 09-Nov-10 01:19 PM
More than likely Publisher is compressing the image to save space.  Other than that I am not familiar enough with Publisher to help.  I tend to use other products for HTML work.