SQL Server - Saving word file into sql server - Asked By Ahmad on 13-Nov-10 01:35 AM

hi for all ,
i made a software for a discotheque that Combines all songs into this software. and by using this software anyone can search any song by name per example and listen to it on media player by clicking button on vb.net and plus open the words of song on Microsoft word .
but the issue is that I'm enforcing the data entry to enter the name of song into software as the same name of the word file to take correct path .and the big other issue that if something happen to external disk wish contain words files all data will be removed .
that what I'm thinking  i will try to save the file word as binary in sql and then read it from sql server . this idea help me to backup data every day but notice that all files words for all songs are ready and contain data .
how can i do that and thx for ur cooporation
Mitesh Darji replied to Ahmad on 13-Nov-10 10:57 AM

You can store file in a Database or in the File System with asp.net

Can you please review this article plz


Ahmad replied to Mitesh Darji on 13-Nov-10 12:06 PM
hey man thx for ur reply but i'am working in windows application can u help me in that and thx for ur cooporation again man