Windows Vista - KB971644 - Asked By dina ezzat on 16-Nov-10 05:13 AM

i want to install windows live essentials , once i try to, an error appears saying that i have to install service pack 2 and platform update for windows vista KB971644, i installed the service pack 2, but i cant find kb971644 when i check the available updates i used microfsoft FIX IT program but it wasn't helpful. can anyone help me ?:S:S
Anoop S replied to dina ezzat on 16-Nov-10 05:53 AM
when you updating the functionality in KB 971644 - "Platform Update for Windows Vista" may be lost. This scenario occurs when the original Vista edition had KB 971644 installed. reinstall the KB 971644 - "Platform Update for Windows Vista"
The Platform Update for Windows Server 2008 and the Platform Update for Windows Vista can be downloaded from Windows Update. To obtain these updates, follow these steps:

   1. Click Start button, click All Programs, and then click Windows Update.
   2. In the navigation pane, click Check for updates.
   3. When updates are found, click View available updates.
   4. Select the update package that you want, and then click Install.
dina ezzat replied to Anoop S on 16-Nov-10 06:00 AM
i've been doing that for four days but i dont find the KB971644 in the available updates
vish replied to dina ezzat on 28-Nov-10 10:34 AM
i thinnk u need service pack 1 first get it by searching on internet for microsoft servicepack 1 download
Dick replied to dina ezzat on 09-Dec-10 08:00 PM
I had the same problem windows live essentials as well, i had to install Service pack 1 and 2, and i did the "fix it" button as well, and when i went back to my Windows Update i still didn't see it, but when i click check for updates, BAM! it was there, Just try to check for updates and see if that works :) it did for me 

Hope u get it working :D
bilal replied to dina ezzat on 30-Jan-11 03:48 AM
i have pro update KB971644
Guillermo replied to dina ezzat on 01-Mar-11 02:13 PM
did you find the answer??? i have exactly the same problem
11m,nmnn121n56aa replied to dina ezzat on 05-Jun-11 08:27 PM