ASP.NET - Update Panel textBox text Change Event

Asked By Naresh Kumar on 24-Nov-10 11:14 AM

I am having a textbox in the update panel.
I set Autopostback to true for textbox.For first time textchange event is firing correctly .For the second time it is not working

Please help
sri sri replied to Naresh Kumar on 24-Nov-10 11:32 AM

set postback trigger for your textbox

check the below code

<asp:UpdatePanel ....>

    <asp:PostBackTrigger ControlID="ControlName" />

Naresh Kumar replied to sri sri on 25-Nov-10 11:43 AM
My textbox is in inner grideview control.So i can load it at runtime

So i given


in this textBox change event i am opening Modalpopup.I need to show some values in the popup controls if i use the above condition i am unable to display the values.