Silverlight / WPF - Visual Studio Reports - Asked By David on 25-Nov-10 04:35 PM

How do I set a rdlc report/WPF to show last 8 records in descending date order.?
I need to show last 8 records and an average of these,the average I can do.

Reena Jain replied to David on 26-Nov-10 02:55 AM

use the following query if there are id arrange in descending order like this

select top 8 * from table1 order by id desc

it will give you last 8 record from table

hope this will help you
David replied to Reena Jain on 01-Dec-10 03:53 AM

Hi Reena

I have done it now and it works perfect I forgot to put the filter in for the last 8 dates

Thanks again for your help

Many Thanks