ASP.NET - Script Manager Server Control - Asked By Naresh Kumar on 26-Nov-10 04:03 AM

Hi All,

Can we have any number of Script managers in a page, and if possible please explain with a simple example.

Thanks in advance.
Nowshad M replied to Naresh Kumar on 26-Nov-10 04:22 AM
It is not possible to place more than one ScriptManager in a page. Why you want to put more than one on a page.

A Web page can contain only one control, either directly on the page itself or indirectly inside a nested or parent component. The ScriptManagerProxy control enables you to add scripts and services to content pages and to user controls, where the master page or host page already contains a control.

For more info refer to the below link

Reena Jain replied to Naresh Kumar on 26-Nov-10 04:30 AM

here is two good link to understand this

hope this will help you