Microsoft Excel - Nested If Statement to find Duplicates

Asked By J Monaco on 29-Nov-10 05:07 PM

I have a spreadsheet with over 1,000 rows and lots of columns.  I'm trying to identify if there are any duplicates in column "O"; if so, then check to see if the data in Column "Q" contains duplicate values for those rows; and if so, then see if column "V" contains duplicate values for those rows.  Column V is a date in this format:  2010-09-29 20:02:23 and I need to consider the date only, not the time in the formula.  Any suggestions?
Rolf Jaeger replied to J Monaco on 29-Nov-10 10:29 PM
Hi Monaco:

in case you are using Excel 2003 or later you could use the built-in 'Remove Duplicates' capability located in the 'Data Tools' section of the 'Data tab of the Ribbon.

Hope this helped,
J Monaco replied to Rolf Jaeger on 04-Dec-10 09:32 PM
Thanks!  That worked.