Windows 7 - Windows Live Mail 2011 problem with apostrophes etc

Asked By Wendy on 30-Nov-10 04:17 AM
I've spent so much time trying to find out why my apostrophes and other punctuation marks are replaced with the Euro symbol. I own/moderate a busy yahoo group and this is driving me crazy. I'm not a computer nerd (far from it) and I'd appreciate some help with this...something a five year old can understand, please! I've managed to rectify the problem (don't know how) as far as mail in my inbox is concerned, but the problem persits with my mails as they appear on the group webpage.
Steve replied to Wendy on 02-Apr-11 04:47 PM
Wendy - did you ever get an answer to the problem?  I have exactly the same experience - only since starting up with WLM 2011.  And it only seems to be a problem with messages to Yahoo Groups - specifically apostrophes and hyphens.  I've found a way round it - i.e. switch to plain text in WLM11 before composing the Yahoo Groups message, but what a pain having to remember to do it each time!

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