WCF/WF - Better approach to return resultset in WCF

Asked By imran khan on 20-Dec-10 10:18 PM
Dear All,
I am using VS2008
I want to use WCF service to return resultset of a query(procedure) to client.
Now it can return  resultset in form of dataset , arraylist , generic list or xml or may be other way.
I want to know which is better approach(both client and service are in dotnet.). 

thank you
Robbe Morris replied to imran khan on 20-Dec-10 10:34 PM
Silverlight doesn't support the System.Data namespace.  So, you are probably better off with List<CustomClass> which will be supported by just about any client.  A List<CustomClass> also offers some compile time safety.  Changes the dataset would not be seen until runtime when/if an error is thrown.
Ken replied to imran khan on 26-Apr-11 02:03 PM
Can you tell me the solution you used in the end? I have WCF client-server app and am considering passing resultset data back to the client via the service.