C# .NET - is the wow64 folder in registery - Asked By mostafa hamdy on 28-Dec-10 10:46 AM

Hello all
I have some windows applicaiton built in C# 3.5 and it's write some values in  windows registry , but I get some problem with the win 7 with 64 bits, that the following path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node doesnt exist in t the 32 bit version , what I want to know is is this path in registry exist in the Windows XP and vista 64 bits version ? please if any body knows send me or tell me about some url may help me in knowing that
Peter Bromberg replied to mostafa hamdy on 28-Dec-10 12:25 PM
The Wow6432Node path exists in all 64-bit versions of Windows.