ASP.NET - Label control - Asked By Ravi Maurya on 06-Jan-11 12:49 AM

can any one tell me why label control have enable property...
Danasegarane Arunachalam replied to Ravi Maurya on 06-Jan-11 12:57 AM
When the Enabled property of a label control is set to false, the normal control is dimmed.It is set to true, then the control is in normal position.
Danasegarane Arunachalam replied to Ravi Maurya on 06-Jan-11 12:58 AM
If the Enable property is set False then the label won't get focus on tab key navigation

Enable Property of label - Lalitha Kumaran replied to Ravi Maurya on 06-Jan-11 01:11 AM

Enable Property:

Setting Enable Property  to "False" doesnot disable the application's control box or prevent the application window from receiving the focus.

True is the control can receive the focus and respond to user-generated events, and is accessible through code (default). False if the user cannot interact with the control by using the mouse, keystrokes, accelerators, or hotkeys. The control is generally still accessible through code.

Use the Enabled property to enable and disable controls. A disabled control appears dimmed, while an enabled control does not. Also, if a control displays a bitmap, the bitmap is dimmed whenever the control is dimmed.