ASP.NET - on click of submit button, page error.

Asked By Anandh Ramanujam on 11-Jan-11 08:21 AM

On click of the Submit button in aspx, IE reports the error. But previously it was working fine.

"The website declined to show this webpage"

What will be the cause of this error...

Reena Jain replied to Anandh Ramanujam on 11-Jan-11 08:30 AM

go to the IIS Admin in control panel,

  • create ur website virtual directory. right click on ur website and set the permissions for all files and folders below this to allow read, write, execute or whatever you want.
  • put all ur website stuff into c:\inetpub\wwwroot\website_folder
  • goto IIS admin, add new virtual directory linked to the above folder
  • right click that virtual dir and set permissions
  • plus use the url http://localhost/virtual_directory/%3CBR%3E%3CBR
put all in inetpub\wwwroot, but you can configure every site with the Management Console for IIS in control panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Server. Just pick the site you created from the left side treeview > right click > properties > "security" tab > check "allow anonymous access" > OK.

You get error 403 because anonymous access to your vitual folders is disabled by default.

hope this will help you http://localhost/virtual_directory/%3CBR%3E%3CBR