SharePoint - Conditional Formatting for Specific User

Asked By bhavya prasanna on 11-Jan-11 06:25 PM
Is is possible to only show a field for a specific user?
Jatin Prajapati replied to bhavya prasanna on 12-Jan-11 02:03 AM
John replied to bhavya prasanna on 13-Jan-11 04:34 AM
If you want to do it through out of the box SharePoint, unfortunately you can not do it. However, there are lot of third party tools out there you can chose. SharePoint Column View Permission is one of them, and codeplex also has some open source tools you can those.
lihua spb replied to bhavya prasanna on 27-Apr-11 04:41 AM

Well, I will show you how to use SharePoint Column Permission to achieve that.

Actually, after you install SharePoint Column Permission in SharePoint website, go to the list and set a customize column permission for the list. You can specify the person who you want to restrict from viewing all the columns.And select hidden columns beside the specified column.