VB 6.0 - Crystal Error(20536: unable to logon server)

Asked By S J on 26-Mar-04 02:41 PM
I am calling Crystal Report built in 7.0 from VB 6.0 using method

The Report is build using database source as MS SQL Server.

This application has been working fine for 30-50 Users for last 4 yrs all of them using OS other than XP.

With XP one user(different unit) is getting the 20536 Unable to logon server error, I have tested on another XP(our unit) machine and works fine.

Does anyone have problem with Crystal Reports on XP machine?

Any help is appreciated.


Have you found a solution for this? - Asked By Steven Murray on 27-Oct-04 03:48 PM

I am having the same issue. I have an app that runs fine on 2000, but I get the same error message when I run it on XP. The XP box has all the same crystal report ocx and dll's installed. Both machines have the p2ssql.dll file on them. I have tried just about everything I can think of.


fix for 'Unable to LogonServer' Crystal error? - Asked By Kevin Tanzer on 16-Dec-04 09:47 AM

I have the same error for XP clients (but not NT/2000) running reports.  Did you find a solution to this problem?

Me too!! - Asked By MÃ¥rten Wallin on 06-Apr-05 08:46 AM

I have the same problem. I'm getting desperate!!!
crystal Error(20536 :unable to logon server) - Asked By tanzeel rahman on 14-Oct-05 11:18 PM
hello this is tanzeel
i m using VB6 and Crystal Report 10. i have the above mention Error when i run my report.Kindly solve this problem .
West Bishes
This fix worked for us in Windows XP for - Jackson Jarvis replied to MÃ¥rten Wallin on 28-Apr-09 12:13 PM

In Windows XP.

Click Start.

Click Control Panel.

Click Administrative Tools.

Click Data Sources (ODBC).

Click User DSN tab.

In the Name column, click the connection your Crystal Report is using.

Click Configure...

Check that both Name and Server have the correct values.

Click Next.

Here is the fix that worked for us - under "How should SQL Server verify ..." change the selection from "With SQL Server authentication..." to "With Windows NT authentication...".  This is the only change we had to make to fix Run-time error '20536':

Of course, check that the other settings are correct and continue to click Next until you get to the last form and then click Finish.

Click Test Data Source ... you should see TESTS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY!

I hope this fix works for you also.  Enjoy.  Jackson Jarvis

Willian replied to Jackson Jarvis on 24-Aug-10 04:30 PM
Thank you very much! I looked for a solution all day. I confess that even doubted his response because I had already configured the ODBC 2 times. I never thought it could be that.
Ps. Sorry for my English!
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