Microsoft Excel - Search & Copy to new workbook

Asked By John on 16-Jan-11 05:17 AM
I have an excel file contains 50 sheets. Each sheet has different name block-1, block-2, block-3 .... just like that. I want to search some data from all the sheets then copy all the row to a new work book(sheet1) with the block name also. For example I am entering some data as 15/01=01 or 15/01=02. I want to collect all the data of 15/01 to a new work book even it is enter like 15/01=01, 15/01=03 or 15/01=04. That mean IC-1 is an element number and 15/01/2011 we produced 2 nos. So we added like that. For the same way I also would like to check all the element IC-1 in all the sheets (block-1, block-2, block-3, block-4,.................. to a new workbook sheet1. Can any one give a macro for this
Rolf Jaeger replied to John on 16-Jan-11 09:47 AM
Hi John:

I am not clear on what you mean by 'entering some data as 15/01=01' and so on. Please clarify.

Also, it would help if you were to post a small sample of one of your worksheets, or explain whether the data you are searching for a contained in ANY column or a specific column.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,