SharePoint - SendEMail activity in sharepoint workflow

Asked By tarun on 18-Jan-11 05:05 AM
i am creating workflow in visual studio 2005 from wepbuilder template. this workflow gets activated when new document is added in document library.
in it i am using SendEmail activity.
i want to know that how i can put path of new document as hyperlink in the body of e mail so that on clicking the hyperlink newly added document can be opened.
lihua spb replied to tarun on 27-Apr-11 01:24 AM

Maybe I can provide a better solution to deal with this problem. Actually if you only want to make it send emails automatically whenever new document is created in the document library, there is no need to design workflow in visual studio 2005 by you. SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost can help you to send emails whenever an item is created, modified, or deleted.

After you have already installed SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost, you can add a workflow in the document library. 

Select a workflow template as SharePointBoost Alert, and then focus on the alert settings. 

During the setting, choose the Change Type, tick New items are added as the condition 

when it will automatically send you alerts.