ASP.NET - viewlist control - Asked By mostafa hamdy on 19-Jan-11 09:37 AM

Hello all
I have some web application which built in 4.0 and I have some folder on the server contains huge number of different files formats(txt,gif,tiff...) and I want to build some viewlist control on my web site to display this files in different views (larg icons, small icons,details...) like this which appears in the windows ,can this be done in please if any body get what I mean and can help me please send me or tell  me about some url may help me in doing that
Daivagna Nanavati replied to mostafa hamdy on 19-Jan-11 11:12 AM
Hi Mastafa

As we know right from content type we can determine the file type and operating system sets the icon for it, but its out of box to do the same in, i can give you an alternative idea to save all images in your folder, so as many type of images exists or different type of file type exists as many type of images you would be having, rename those images with extention of your file so say for example for your .doc file the image would be doc.png for .pdf the name would be pdf.png
so now just get the extention of corresponding file and get that image from image directory

let me know