JavaScript - jquery - Asked By Mano on 19-Jan-11 11:18 AM

is there any possibility of redirecting html page to another page html page using Jquery normally we use HREF tag in html page to redirect to another page like wise can i redirect from one html page to another html page using JQUERY or Java Script ?

is it possible to do like that in JQery if it so can Anyone help me?
Peter Bromberg replied to Mano on 19-Jan-11 12:14 PM
You do not need jQuery to do this:

window.location.href = '';
Konturgoz A replied to Peter Bromberg on 19-Jan-11 09:09 PM
If your code is running inside a frame and you want to redirect the whole window, then you should use:

top.location.href = 'http://...';
Mano replied to Peter Bromberg on 20-Jan-11 10:42 AM

hi to all

here in my case i just create some web pages by using codings not by dream-viewer or front page editor as so here i did not have any root folder for my website and i want to change only the body part of the web page but when i try to save the webpage through dreamviewer editor it did not display the webpage as i have expected so what to do for this problem and after completing this website i want to open with other machine as like as we usually open the website with the root folder 

 regarding this problem only i asked before whether i could use any  AJAX or any suggestions
can one tell me what is the mistake in this - Mano replied to Mano on 30-Jan-11 01:43 AM
 hi to all this is a image rollover for buttons like when you move your mouse over the button it will change the button image to another here i do as much as i know and don't how to do further  

can anyone say whether it is correct or wrong here is java script code as follows
var images;
function dopreload()
images = new
Array('image/pic borwn/antiguabrown.png','image/pic borwn/antiguabrown.png','image/pic borwn/Antiguablu.png','image/pic borwn/antiguabrown.png');
function preload(img)
for(var i =0; i < img.length; i++)
  var im = new Images();
  im.src = img[i]; 

function over(a)
function out(a)

here is corresponding html code as follows

<td> <img src="image/pic borwn/antiguabrown.png" onMouseOver="over(0)" onMouseOut="out(0)" width="145" height="80"></td> </html>