SharePoint - Calculate KPI on Date List Item, How do i show expiry?

Asked By Tim Drew on 22-Jan-11 10:22 AM
Hi Guys!, Long time reader and first time poster!

I have a question about working with lists in sharepoint 2010, I have played around a little but have not found a way to show the data in KPI or view filters as i would like, I have a list that contains information on contracts, There is rows such as start date and end date etc, None of which are calculated, all entered manually, What i am trying to do is display in KPI format Contracts that will expire within 3 Months of Today as a one kind of KPI and contracts that will expire one month from Today as another, I would like this to be viewable outside the list, the biggest issue i have is how do i format that filter? and how then do i output to a kpi, I can do a standard [TODAY]+90 for example as a way of showing items that will expire 90 days after today but that seems to be only showing items that will expire in exacly 90 days and will not display 89 for example, Bear in mind im looking for help to do this using the basic sharepoint GUI, i have no experience with sharepoint designer!

Hope you can help

Thanks in advance
Chester Thomas replied to Tim Drew on 22-Jan-11 04:18 PM
You could create a separate filed called Expiry which is a calculated field - you could actually use end date if I get you correct. You can then create views which filter based on the today - end dat being less than 90 for example. Hope it helps
Tim Drew replied to Chester Thomas on 24-Jan-11 04:55 AM
Hmm, so a second field for days remaining?, So contract end date vs Today, and then display a numberical value in that field and do a display if less than 90?

Interesting, Gonna give that a go!