Publisher - Missing Publisher Templates - Asked By Scott on 24-Jan-11 08:18 PM

I have created a template in Publisher and saved it in the mytemplates folder.  Then I open an existing document that I want to apply the template to, but am unable to find any of my saved templates.  I don't even get the option to find documents on my own computer.  It just pulls up a publisher pre-loaded template menu and that's it.  I click Format Publication, Quick Publication Options, Change Template and it opens up the Publisher templates that are built in but my template doesn't show up.

I've read somewhat similar questions online and answers by a Mary Sauer or something like that, but none of the stuff I've been able to find helps me at all.  Can someone else help me out?



Lyle replied to Scott on 29-Jan-11 07:59 PM
Hi Scott,

I am faced with EXACTLY the same problem and have wasted 6 hours in the past 2 days looking for an answer. In desperation, I am hoping that you found a solution?

Scott replied to Lyle on 29-Jan-11 10:32 PM
Hi Lyle,

I haven't figured it out yet and no one else has replied on here about it. Sorry! I still need to get it figured out. I was able to put that project on hold for a few days, but can't put it off forever. Please let me know if you figure it out and I'll do the same for you if I do.