SharePoint - Claims Based Authentication : Access Denied

Asked By Chester Thomas on 26-Jan-11 04:05 PM
I have a web application extended to use FBA now FBA and Windows Authentication site give me Error Access Denied when I try and log in. I get this error as well : An exception occurred when trying to issue security token: The security token username and password could not be validated..In Windows Event viewer

I upgraded from MOSS 2007 to 2010 using an in-place upgrade and the site worked fine until I changed it to Claims Auth so that I could set up my FBA....please assist
Vivek Jagga replied to Chester Thomas on 26-Jan-11 11:59 PM

There are not a lot of differences with configuring FBA for SharePoint 2010 compared to 2007, but there are a few.  For instance, SharePoint 2010 no longer supports “classic FBA”, rather forms based authentication is provided through Claims Authentication.
To implement FBA in 2010 follow this article
Chester Thomas replied to Vivek Jagga on 27-Jan-11 02:02 AM
Thanks, I had managed to set it up, but the only thing is I am getting access denied when I try and enter the site.