ASP.NET - Hierarchy view of data s - Asked By anbu n on 27-Jan-11 03:59 AM

i need to show data s in hierarchy view
which way or which controls can be used to show data s in
hierarchy view.

Rohan Dave replied to anbu n on 27-Jan-11 04:10 AM
You can use TreeView control of ASP.NET to show the data in hierarchy. You can also use Table control but you need to make your own logic to show the data in Table in Hierarchy view..

Reena Jain replied to anbu n on 27-Jan-11 05:08 AM

The ASP.NET TreeView control is a powerful server-control for rendering TreeView UI, as shown in the figure below. It supports a variety of programming models, from statically-defined trees, to dynamically constructed trees, to databound trees. The TreeView's rendering is fully customizable, allowing for a wide-range of look-and-feels for the control. The TreeView supports both postback-style events and simple hyperlink navigation, as well as a unique event handling model that allows data to be retrieved directly from a client without requiring a server postback. It also supports rendering on a variety of browsers, and can take advantage of up-level capabilities, such as client-script on later desktop browser versions.

The statically-defined tree is the simplest form of the TreeView, demonstrated below. Note that the persistence format for the TreeView intuitively resembles the hierarchical structure of the final rendered tree.

Hope this will help you