Windows Vista - administrative rights - Asked By Sylvia on 28-Jan-11 02:17 AM

I log in using the administrative account and when I try to install software I still get a message stating I need administrative rights. I have gone to start and typed cmd and typed net user Administrator /active:yes. Then I go to start and type regedit, this is where I run into a problem. It says to navigate to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT//WINDOWS/CURRENTVERFSION/POLICIES/S, and to double click Filter Administrator Tokens. I find HKEY Machine/Software and do not get an option for Filter Administrator Tokens. The operating system is Vista Home Premium. I have spent days trying to install an officejet printer all in one. Please help.  
Vivek Jagga replied to Sylvia on 28-Jan-11 02:32 AM

Select your file and right click on it, click on "Run as Administrator...". Your package will start installing.