Windows Vista - Can't add printer. - Asked By lennox on 29-Jan-11 06:47 PM

When trying to add a printer (and printer) I receive the following message...

Windows can't open Add Printer. Operation could not be completed (error 0x0000007f).

HP laptop Pavilion dv6000
Vista SP2

Peter Bromberg replied to lennox on 30-Jan-11 12:29 PM
Is your Windows Firewall turned on?
lennox replied to Peter Bromberg on 30-Jan-11 03:07 PM
Yes. Windows firewall turned on. Also have Kaspersky Internet Security.

gcapp 99 replied to lennox on 10-May-12 12:08 AM
I had the same exact message and error code on my Vista Home Premium laptop- spent many hours trying to connect to a printer connected to my desktop computer in another room.  This is how I fixed it:
1. Deleted the printer from Control Panel-Printers.
2. Right-clicked in the white area in Control Panel-Printers.
3. Selected "Run as Administrator" then "Server Properties".
4. Clicked the "Ports" tab, then deleted any ports that weren't located on my laptop.
5. Clicked the "Drivers" tab and deleted any drivers that weren't working using the "Remove" button, including the one for the printer I was trying to install.
6. Rebooted.
7. Installed the printer without any problems.
Hope this helps someone...