Microsoft Access - Union Query lookup field - Asked By D on 30-Jan-11 02:56 PM

I mistakenly (now I find out) created a lookup field (Name of Event) that looks up Event Names in the Event Table.

I now know that it saves the Event Name as a numeric value.  Can I go back and change this to save the data as the Event Name text, instead of the numeric value, without losing the data I have.

The select queries work fine, displaying the actual text Event Name.

However, I have a need for a Union query and that union query is displaying the numeric value instead of the text value Event name.

Or, is there a way to write something into the SQL in the union query to display Event Name as text?

Thanks in advance.
Pat Hartman replied to D on 30-Jan-11 09:11 PM
Remove the lookup from the event field.  Then in queries where you need the text value, include the event table and get the event name from there.  You couldn't change your table to store the event name instead of the ID unless you made the event name the primary key of the event table and that would cause other problems.  Your setup is correct as it stands.  You just need to get rid of the lookup.
D replied to D on 30-Jan-11 11:00 PM
Perfect thanks so much