Microsoft Excel - adding text after a number - Asked By Benoit on 31-Jan-11 06:53 PM

The result should be a number, How do I add the text "Year(s)" after each number
 So instead of seeing
I want to see
1 Year(s)
John D replied to Benoit on 31-Jan-11 07:27 PM
Hi Benoit
Try it this way =IF(I$22="","",I$22&"Year")
Jackpot . replied to Benoit on 31-Jan-11 08:33 PM
Hi Benoit

Another way is to format the cells to Custom format. (Right click>FormatCells>Custom>Enter as below)...

General "Year(s)"

This will allow you to use the number in that cell to be used for any other calculations.
Benoit replied to John D on 01-Feb-11 01:43 AM
Thnk You
That did the trick