WCF/WF - After 10 mins of opening my client application, it throws an exception

Asked By Ashwini on 02-Feb-11 01:42 AM
The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ClientFramingDuplexSessionChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state.
please suggest me the solution.
Reena Jain replied to Ashwini on 02-Feb-11 01:47 AM

Service Model idles out connections using the ReceiveTimeout. What this means is that if there is no application activity within the ReceiveTimeout, Service Model will abort the session.
ReceiveTimeout defaults to 10 minutes which is probably why you saw the abort in 10 minutes.

Hope this will help you

Anoop S replied to Ashwini on 02-Feb-11 02:55 AM
Are you putting client proxies in 'using' blocks ? You should avoid putting client proxies in 'using' blocks, see


or to find out why the channel faulted, you'll need to turn on tracing and then reproduce the situation for the fault.
Ashwini replied to Reena Jain on 02-Feb-11 03:36 AM
i have set receivetimeout attritude to infinite. but still the problem persists.
Can you please provide me some solution for this.