Windows Vista - Cannot change my Vista machine to a domain! Please help!

Asked By Paul Boechler on 03-Feb-11 12:42 PM

I have found the answer to my problem on many different websites - but they are showing different options then what I am seeing in my System>Change settings(computer name, domain and work group settings)>Computer name(tab). I cannot see a Network ID button nor can I add my computer to a domain - only change the name of my computer and the workgroup that I am in - "WORKGROUP" I don't know why some of the options are not showing up. This is of extreme urgancy please help!
Peter Bromberg replied to Paul Boechler on 03-Feb-11 03:20 PM
When you click "Change" you should see a dialog with

Member of
[] Domain
 [          ]
[] Workgroup
[           ]

Are you saying that you do not see this?
Paul Boechler replied to Peter Bromberg on 03-Feb-11 03:59 PM
No I do not see this. And i figured out why. I am running vista Home edition and I realized that I need atleast pro to configure a domain to my machine.. Thanks for the help anywase peter!