Windows Vista - scroll key - Asked By Kathy on 04-Feb-11 04:28 PM

How do you turn off scroll on the keyboard I have a Windows Vista laptop and I accidentally turned it on. I've tried to google it, but all I've seen is push the scroll lock key again which doesn't turn it off for me. Anyone know? I thought maybe you push something at the same time like shift or control key, but it's not working.

Anoop S replied to Kathy on 04-Feb-11 11:19 PM
1. Download a copy of TweakUI for Windows XP. You can find it on Microsoft's website at:

2. Use WinRar to looking inside the .exe file and extrac tweakui.exe from within.

3. Copy the extracted tweakui.exe file and save it somewhere on your system

4. Right click on the tweakui.exe file, and select properties.

5. Click on Compatibility tab and run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP. Then click OK to close.

6. Now run it, and ignore the Compatibility Assistant and just hit Run

7. TweakUI should work just like in XP now. Click on Explorer, and disable "Enable Smooth Scrolling"

8. tweakUI functions should work the same in Vista.