Windows Vista - 'Black screen of death' :( - Asked By Siobhan on 10-Feb-11 09:06 PM

Hi there,

First of all, excuse the lack of technical knowledge. I have posted here before and received some great advice so I'm hoping someone can kindly help me again.

I had to do what I believe is called a hard reboot (?) My HP pavillion laptop froze when the battery ran out and I ended up having to take the battery out. Since then (last week) my desktop has disapeered. No icons, unable to open control panel or my documents, my computer etc. I tried to do a system restore to last week but that didn't help.

I'm able to open firefox, itunes, HP service things, anything thats not system stuff really.  I've got my start menu and tool bar but my battery icon and the little computer/internet connection icon thing isn't there. I've tried looking it up online but I can't find this exact problem nor a real resolution to similar problems, apparently this black screen thing is a really hard thing to sort?

Again, I apologise about the lack of knowledge here but I'm desperate for some help (hopefully in computer laymans terms!)

Many thanks in advance
Peter Bromberg replied to Siobhan on 10-Feb-11 10:49 PM
the first thing to try is Start / Run / Explorer
Siobhan replied to Peter Bromberg on 11-Feb-11 05:27 AM
Yep can do that....
Siobhan replied to Siobhan on 13-Feb-11 08:23 AM
Can anyone help? Its still f**ked!