Networking - remote desktop connection - Asked By David on 13-Feb-11 11:01 AM

I have setup 2 pc which is to allow remote desktop connectio. they are in same domain.
I can only connect to 1 pc only. the other one show error message { connection busy }. But that PC are ready to logon. When I go to that PC. It work normally.

Which setting should i check?

Peter Bromberg replied to David on 13-Feb-11 11:17 AM
In Control. Panel / System/ Remote Settings you can set whether a PC allows remote connections and specify which accounts are allowed.
David replied to Peter Bromberg on 14-Feb-11 10:14 AM
Set the 2 PC in same way. But only 1 pc can be remote access & logon screen appeared.

Here below the failed PC. I don't know what to do.