Windows Vista - .msi program installation ends with an error

Asked By Michal on 14-Feb-11 11:34 AM

I have a problem with Steam installation (

When I run the setup file, it the Welcome screen installation shows but the error messages shows up too - it says Error 1325. "DmailerData" is not a valid short file name.

I can only click OK and then the installation ends. I´ve searched through several forums and the most helping solution was changing some registry key values - the problem is that it was always different registry value so I am not sure which value should I change.

Perhaps that I should not change any registry value.

Thank you very much for your help.

Ravinder Jamgotre replied to Michal on 05-May-11 10:43 AM
Hi Michal,

Run the installation with elavated privilidges IE run as administrator by right-clicking the installation package, these issues can occur with Vista, especially when UAC is enabled.

Hope this helps.