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Asked By dsk moss on 16-Feb-11 01:58 AM

when editing a custom list in the datasheet view I am getting an error. The error occurs when a "Assigned To" field is edited. Right after the user clicks on another cell after entering data in the person column, IE pops up an alert window with:

Windows Internet Explorer
An error 0x80070057 occurred.  No further information was provided.

Has anyone run into this and know how to resolve it?

Jatin Prajapati replied to dsk moss on 16-Feb-11 02:00 AM
Hello Alonso,

Do you have the web.config file set to provide stack trace and debug information? (I mean error reporting on for SharePoint).

Quick Reference:

If you do and that is all the information it provides please let me know (also is this an alert box that pops up?),
dsk moss replied to Jatin Prajapati on 16-Feb-11 04:24 AM

Thanks for your reply. 
I tried editing the Web.Config file, and reset IIS. but still I am getting the same error.