Microsoft Word - Counting number of pages and changing font size accordingly

Asked By Rohan on 17-Feb-11 06:38 AM


I have a project in which i have to make a command wherein the font size of the document decreases as soon as the number of pages are more than 1 page. Can anyone please help me with this?

Thanks in advance
Oliver F replied to Rohan on 17-Feb-11 09:58 AM
Would it not be better just to use the "Make it Fit/Shrink One Page" function?

All you do is open up the Print Preview window and click on the Shrink One Page button you find there.

Hope this helps.
Rohan replied to Oliver F on 18-Feb-11 10:14 AM
Thanks for the reply Oliver. However, i would prefer a code as its a letter that we write to clients and they can be more than 2 pages long. Also, there are certain standards we have to maintain.