Windows Vista - Low disk space warnings for Recovery Drive D

Asked By Dave on 17-Feb-11 08:16 PM
I have an ongoing problem trying to get a backup that does not fail. My sister even sent me an external hard drive. I thought my problem would be solved....but no luck. I have no space left in my recovery drive. Afraid that sooner or later the system will crash. I've been to the Microsoft forums for Vista and they are telling me now to go to Dell and get recovery disk. Is there any way to get some space in my Drive D as there is no space left! I tried to use the external hard drive as I said, why can't I get a backup that is successful? My patience is wearing thin and I am ready to get rid of Vista all together. Just paid off the desktop Dell and now I have another computer that is a HP notebook. Tried to backup it and get the same error message when trying to do a backup. My laptop is Vista Premium and my desktop is Vista Home Basic. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Peter Bromberg replied to Dave on 17-Feb-11 08:34 PM
You can try going into Control Panel/ Administrative Tools/ Computer Management / Disk Management and try to extend the volume. Realistically, Windows Vista is already long gone as a dinosaur and you're better off upgrading to Windows 7.