Visual Studio .NET - How do I run Stored Procedure

Asked By David on 20-Feb-11 04:16 PM
Hi All

I have an access database on my Server explorer with tables and a Stored procedure
The stored procedure when working in access puts one row of data into table 2 from table 1 when selecting the "Prikey" . It is (append query)
How can I use this in DataGridView or do I need some other Form/sheet as a way of selecting and inputting the data into my Datasets/tableadapters.


Subhashini Janakiraman replied to David on 21-Feb-11 02:55 AM
Stored procedures are meant only for SQLServer.Hope you can't be used it in Access Database.Since Stored Procedures use @symbol after the Parameter name it cannot match  a single parameter name of OLEDB Providers.In access we use parameter names without @ symbol (or) use ? in place of the Fieldname as parameter for the Table in use.