Visual Studio .NET - Use stored procedure or How do I make a new one

Asked By David on 24-Feb-11 04:54 PM
Hi All

I have an access database I have used  with tables and a Stored procedure this is my Data-source
The stored procedure when working in access puts one row of data into table 2 from table 1 when selecting the "Prikey" . It is (append query)
How can I use this in a DataGridView form of Visual studio or do I need some other Form/sheet as a way of selecting and inputting the data into my Datasets/tableadapters and save back to the tables.
I am completely lost on how to do this to finish my project I started over 12 months ago.
Please help


Subhashini Janakiraman replied to David on 26-Feb-11 02:24 AM
I think you cannot use Stored Procedures for Access Database.It can be used only with Sql as Stored procedure are inherited from Sql and that the tag "@" used in stored procedures is not compatible with (Access usage) OLEDB providers.
David replied to Subhashini Janakiraman on 27-Feb-11 03:11 PM
Hi Subhashini & All

Thanks for your reply

When I started the project I started with help from Microsoft and they told me I could use Access Data-base for my tables and that the append query would import into the project as a stored procedure and this has happened.
I can delete from the Data-base using the bindingtableadapters in datagridview but cant set up a datagridview to pick an item/datarow from table 1 and put it in table 2 (this is what the stored procedure/append query did.
My project is in Wpf/visual studio 2008