Windows Vista - Up[dates jammed in continual loop

Asked By John on 28-Feb-11 11:41 AM
I have the Vista operating system which was working perfectly. When I downloaded updates the whole operating system is jammed with the following message "Configuring updates: Stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete"
The computer tries to download then switches off. Starting it we get to the same message and just go one big continual loop. I cannot do anything to move from this point. ANY HELP would be most welcome as I am at my wits end with it!!
Mike Manny replied to John on 28-Feb-11 02:05 PM
Put this where you also posted it, but again

REboot your machine, keep hitting F8 and go into safe mode, then....


Use the System Recovery options to rename the Pending.xml file and edit
the registry:

On the System Recovery Options page, click Command Prompt.

Type cd C:\windows\winsxs, and then press ENTER.

Type ren pending.xml pending.old, and then press ENTER.

Type regedit, and then press ENTER.


On the File menu, click Load Hive.

Locate the following folder:


When you are prompted for a name, type Offline_Components.

In Registry Editor, locate and then delete the following registry

HLKM\Offline Components\AdvancedInstallersNeedResolving

HKLM\Offline Components\PendingXmlIdentifier

Exit Registry Editor:

At the command prompt, type exit to exit Registry Editor.

Press ENTER.

Click Restart.

Also, refer to this