Windows Vista - invalid .mswmm file - Asked By Terry on 28-Feb-11 11:03 PM

I am using Movie Maker 6.0 in Vista.  I cannot open a .mswmm file that I had previewed in windows dvd maker after saving it.  I wanted to reopen it in movie maker again to make changes but it said the file is invalid.  I can open other projects in movie maker that I had made previously, but this latest project cannot be reopened.  I saved the project after previewing it in dvd maker under the same name as the file in movie maker.  I have tried to restore overwritten files and I couldn't find an older version of this project. 
priyanka replied to Terry on 03-Apr-11 10:19 AM
i m using windows movie maker ,in my vista laptop.i have completed my project, whenever i tries to publish it on my laptop my laptop shut downs.its not getting converted into its respective wmv file. what to do?