WCF/WF - how to execute the Service with out creating client in WCF ?

Asked By Nani on 03-Mar-11 09:14 AM
Hi all,
        How can i execute the WCF Services with out creating the Client like web services.
        after creating the Service, if i Browse it should show the methods in it and if i click on that method ,it should ask for parameter.
how can i do that.

and also how can i set the End point.

Thank U

I think you can still do this under localhost - Robbe Morris replied to Nani on 03-Mar-11 12:02 PM

but I don't recall a setting to enable this in production.  The UI offered up and the parameter data types it can accept is extremely limited as I recall.

Plus, in production, you'd want to disable metadata anyway to make it that much harder for auto detection and abuse of your web service.  If you are going to expose the service in the form of a UI, you really should create a proper user interface for it.
Sahil Kumar replied to Nani on 07-Mar-11 01:02 AM
If you are using Wcf templet then you have a facility Wcf test client. You just need to run your service. It will virually get hosted and executed by .NET framework.

It will show all contract and in that different methods. You can just provide input and test it. If every thing goes fine you can create host and client for it. I think it should help you.
Manjunath replied to Nani on 07-Mar-11 01:46 AM
Just by running the WCF solution you get hosting information and another console window with metadata information, bindings and operation contracts available with the service, you can invoke your methods there and test.