Windows Vista - Computer stuck in continal loop trying to download update

Asked By John on 05-Mar-11 02:55 PM

My Acer with WINDOWS VISTA computer is stuck in a continual loop after attempting to download 3 updates.

It downloads the first two perfectly but then gets stuck on the 3rd and shows a message
"downoadling update 3 out of 3 .......0% downloaded"

After trying to downlaod the update it switches and the same message re-appears.

I have tried for days to overcome the problem but to no avail.

ANY help to solve this problem would be MOST appreciate.

Peter Bromberg replied to John on 05-Mar-11 04:08 PM

Insert the Windows Vista installation disc into the CD-ROM drive of your computer and restart the computer.
Press any key on your keyboard when you are prompted to start Windows from the disc. A new window will appear on the screen.
Click on the "Next" button and select the "Repair your computer" option. Select the "Windows Vista" option from the System Recovery Options page and click the "Next" button.
Click on the "System Restore" option and select the "Next" button. Select a restore point for when the updates were working correctly for you and click on the "Next" button.
Select the hard drive on which Windows Vista is installed and click the "Next" button. Click on the "Finish" button from the "Confirm your restore point" page.
Click on the "Restart" button when the restoration process is complete. Click on the "Start" button after your computer has restarted and select the "All Programs" option.
Click on the "Windows Update" option and click on the "Check for Updates" option. The problem should be fully resolved, and the update should no longer freeze.
John replied to Peter Bromberg on 05-Mar-11 04:46 PM
Many thanks for that Peter......I will now see if I can get it working again.

Best regards,